Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To take the risk is only for braves (2nd Part)

The first time I heard the spanish phrase "Burn your ships" was in a mexican movie with the same name. Actually that's a wise phrase, its meaning is to walk forward to an unknown future,  leaving behind everything, taking all the risks, and breaking the bridges to not go back, and this way maybe finding better way of living or worse. I researched about the origin of this phrase and I found out two versions, one of  Hernan Cortes, and the oldest is the Alexander Magnus story that I'm showing here.There could be a mistake because according the maps and history, Alexander didn't arrive to Phoenicia on ships.Anyway, even it couldn't be true facts, I love this story. I still believe that Alexander was a great warrior. 
This goes to the people that takes all the risks and doesn't sleep in the same routine everyday. Opportunities and youth only step our door once.  
When there's nothing else to do, and you're in the loneliness, no family, nothing..that's the time when life gives you an opportunity,may be the prize you deserve or not, take it, it's for sure you'll learn of it.. Once you take it, with all the the risks. You'll see you'll feel free.