Monday, February 17, 2014

Million Roses

 Here's the short story I was working lately. I really suffer with painting more than with drawing :) Let's talk about this story, this is a real story about a russian painter Niko Phirosmani, naif artist who was very criticized for his paintings (too simple_ many people used to say). He fells in love with Margarita a dancer and actress who was for a short period of time in Russia. Niko decides to give her thousands of roses, and puts on the street out of her place. They had a very short relationship, 'cause one night she left the russian city to go back France. Niko stays sad and lived a lonely life. He was poor and he died even more poor, almost like a beggar.
The original song is not about Niko's story, it's about memory's girl of her mother advices and it's a latvian song. Years later, russian composers turned the lyrics into the story of the painter. There are many verssions, as I posted before, but I like this one:

And here are the originals Niko and Margarita, whose characters inspired me to draw their story:

This is the actress Margarita, a Niko's painting. Even in her painitng you can see her with a bunch of flowers.
I'll be glad to read your comments. Bye

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A character's Profile

This is a sketch of a short story I am finishing these days. The story is based in true events and part of the famous naif artist Niko Phirosmani.  A russian song relate his story, it became so popular that there were many versions in different countries, here's just one of those versions, by a korean group named "Infinity of sound". Enjoy it.