Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A quick portrait

Lately I've been playing with lines. I noticed that when I draw very roughly, the results are much better than when I draw carefully. This was just a quick one, the delicate drawing is in the trash can.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To take the risk is only for braves (2nd Part)

The first time I heard the spanish phrase "Burn your ships" was in a mexican movie with the same name. Actually that's a wise phrase, its meaning is to walk forward to an unknown future,  leaving behind everything, taking all the risks, and breaking the bridges to not go back, and this way maybe finding better way of living or worse. I researched about the origin of this phrase and I found out two versions, one of  Hernan Cortes, and the oldest is the Alexander Magnus story that I'm showing here.There could be a mistake because according the maps and history, Alexander didn't arrive to Phoenicia on ships.Anyway, even it couldn't be true facts, I love this story. I still believe that Alexander was a great warrior. 
This goes to the people that takes all the risks and doesn't sleep in the same routine everyday. Opportunities and youth only step our door once.  
When there's nothing else to do, and you're in the loneliness, no family, nothing..that's the time when life gives you an opportunity,may be the prize you deserve or not, take it, it's for sure you'll learn of it.. Once you take it, with all the the risks. You'll see you'll feel free. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Drawing during trip

Here again! yep, I was absent long time, cause a long trip. So, i used the opportunity to try out my android in the airport and in the hotel, and this is is the trial product first draw on my first tech draw small cell-tablet...I was really surprised that a small cell can have photoshop features like layers, kinda brushes, undo, really helps a lot to draw with the tablet pen. No more wrist pain. No painting with mouse. hehehe at least in trips.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Million Roses

 Here's the short story I was working lately. I really suffer with painting more than with drawing :) Let's talk about this story, this is a real story about a russian painter Niko Phirosmani, naif artist who was very criticized for his paintings (too simple_ many people used to say). He fells in love with Margarita a dancer and actress who was for a short period of time in Russia. Niko decides to give her thousands of roses, and puts on the street out of her place. They had a very short relationship, 'cause one night she left the russian city to go back France. Niko stays sad and lived a lonely life. He was poor and he died even more poor, almost like a beggar.
The original song is not about Niko's story, it's about memory's girl of her mother advices and it's a latvian song. Years later, russian composers turned the lyrics into the story of the painter. There are many verssions, as I posted before, but I like this one:

And here are the originals Niko and Margarita, whose characters inspired me to draw their story:

This is the actress Margarita, a Niko's painting. Even in her painitng you can see her with a bunch of flowers.
I'll be glad to read your comments. Bye

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A character's Profile

This is a sketch of a short story I am finishing these days. The story is based in true events and part of the famous naif artist Niko Phirosmani.  A russian song relate his story, it became so popular that there were many versions in different countries, here's just one of those versions, by a korean group named "Infinity of sound". Enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The lonely mountain

It,s very impressive how music can inspire many sensations, figures, colors and stories. A great component of movies is music. Here is the main theme of The hobbit.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I love comics, cats, rain and music, and particularly music helps me to create illustrations and comics I'll show through this blog. After all, Who can live without music?